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6999 one of the pioneer in printing services backed with history since parents time for more than 25 years in Singapore. With in-house artisit designer and offset printing machine and digital printing machine printing in Singapore.


6999, also provide calendar printing, sticker printing singapore and currently have printing shops outlet in orchard road for instant printing singapore that give express printing services with quality instant printing sg. Motto : Cheapest Printing - Express Printing Singapore.

6999 is a True One-Stop Online Printing Services Cheapest Provider in Singapore providing express digital flyer printing and quality brochures printing using in-house offset printing machine and digital printing machine. Specialize in 24 Hrs Express Flyer Printing and Full Color Offset Flyer printing services in Singapore.

Sticker Printing Singapore :-

Using offset printing for printing services such as label sticker printing, mirrorkote sticker, customized stickers singapore. Ready within 1 to 6 work days for Singapore sticker printing available in Woodlands Printing Shops & Orchard Printing Shops.

Calendar Printing Singapore :-

Using digital printing for urgent calendar printing needs. Collect from our islandwide printing shops for printing services.

Printing Services Singapore :-

Printing services Singapore is very demanding and popular services if you need digital printing singapore to produce quality flyer printing and offset brochure printing. Poster Printing Singapore 

6999 provide sticker printing singapore, print stickers singapore, sticker printing, Singapore sticker printing, label sticker, label printing singapore with personalized stickers or customized stickers in Singapore. Stickers Material is mirrorkote sticker, transparent sticker, Gloss White Sticker, Matte White Sticker Printing or even printing sticker in metalize sticker material with silver label or printed in gold shiny sticker label printing.

We also do poster printing singapore, calendar printing and many other printing services that give instant printing singapore, flyers, brochures,  postcards. Singapore Flyers Printing with responsible services and reliable flyer distributor.

Types of Calendar printing & Sticker printing in SIngapore with Low Factory Printing Prices.

Desk Calendar, Double Memo Calendar, Medium Desk Calendar, Cane Calendar, Full Color Series Calendar, Chinese Tong Seng Wall Calendar, Big Tong Seng Wall Calendar, One Month Wall Calendar, Three Month Wall Calendar, Mini Wall Calendar, Short Racing Horse Calendar, Mini Racing Calendar, Customize Long Racing Calendar, 3D Animation Wall Calendar, Calendar Hotstamping Block.

Also do

  • Hot Stamping Color Red Packet

  • Hot Stamping Red Packet

  • Money Packet Collection Set & Orange Carrier Bag

  • Stock Clearance Red Packet

  • Money Packet Hotstamping Block

  • Sampul Raya / Kad Raya 2017

6999 provide express printing for instant printing singapore within 24 Hours for cheapest flyer printing need that is of the cheapest flyers printing.

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