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6999 one of the pioneer in printing singapore industrial backed by parent company for more than 25 years. Full in-house designer with offset printing machine and digital printing machine. Parent company use to have printing shops in sunshine plaza printing and tampines printing shop.


6999, Singapore Printing current have printing shop outlet in orchard road to give express printing services that produce quality instant printing. Motto : Cheap Print - Express Printing.

6999 is an Online Printing Services Provider in Singapore providing digital flyer printing and brochures printing using offset printing machine. Specialize in Express Flyer Printing and Offset Flyer printing services in full colour.

Offset Printing :-

Use offset printing for mass printing services to cut cost. Offset printing is suitable for Singapore printing if not in urgent for flyer printing.

Digital Printing :-

Use digital printing for urgent need printing singapore job. Collect from our printing shops instantly in Orchard Road for printing services.

Printing Services :-

Printing services in singapore is very popular demand if you need printing singapore to produce digital printing and offset printing.

Flyers Distributor :-

Power up your sales by using 6999 flyer distribution network that provide reliable flyer distributor to help creates awareness for your business products & services.

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High Quality Printing Services using offset printing, Brochures Printing Services using digital printing, Impact Postcard Printing Services, Reliable Flyers Distributors With Flyer Distribution network.

We provide high quality , low cost flyers printing, impression brochures printing, impact postcard printing and expresscolour printing with many paper stock printing for cheapest flyers, leaflets, pamphlets printing, brochures singapore, postcards. Singapore Flyers Printing Singapore with responsible and reliable flyer distributor.

One of the Competitive Pricing in Singapore, Low Factory Printing Prices

It time to power up your business sales by using flyer distribution, cheapest brochures, phamphlets and postcards. Low costing and small quantity available !

instant Print Lead Time : - 1 – 6 Days For Delivery to office or home.

We know Time is money that why we have printing shops islandwide.

6999 provide express printing for express colour printing within 24 Hours for all cheap flyer printing need that is one of the cheapest flyers printing.

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