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Old Traditional Offline Marketing – Flyer Printing & Flyer Distribution

In Singapore, most of the people have smart phone or tablet which we known as digital era. Many individual or business are currently focusing marketing by this digital trend. It is the cheapest way for this type of online marketing namely email marketing or SMS marketing or SEO / SEM as the big audience is not to be miss out.

The old traditional offline marketing or known as flyer printing and flyer distribution have not changed as it is simple and cost efficient and effective too. Many Individual or business will either print A5 booklets or brochures depending on the content and design to make impact for potential customers.

Be it Online or Offline marketing campaign, there sure have some limitations. As such you should do proper planning on design and type of material for flyer printing or brochure printing to create impression on message send out. Reliable Flyer Distributor is a must too for an effective marketing.

Flyer Printing is strongly recommending for cheap flyer printing marketing to promote your new products and services. It is cost efficient as compare to other advertising methods. Small quantity can start as low as 10 pieces.

There are many types of flyer distribution options. HDB Door to Door Distribution, HDB Letterbox Distribution, Landed Mailbox, Condo Mailbox Via Singpost for reliability, Street Distribution Etc.

Depending on what you want to achieve via flyers, brochure or postcard thru flyer distribution services. Important is to get the information out to customer’s hands. Create good first impression and to make your product & services well known.

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