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Distribute Leaflets, Printing Leaflets, Marketing Campaign Advice

If you are looking for an effective marketing campaign for your products and services, you can consider printing leaflets and distribute leaflets. It is affordable as compare to online marketing methods and provide an alternative for business opportunity.

Small business or individual should plan carefully for this promotional medium. Contents of Leaflets, Quantities of Flyers to Print and Distribution location for your target audience to make awareness of the products and services you offer.

You can use Power Point to design a simple artwork but try to find catchy word as content. Suggest to start with small quantities example 10,000 Pcs and plan your location well.

If you are running a tuition services, you can consider distribute outside school gate during school dismissal time to parents or children etc.

If you are a property agent, you can consider using HDB Door to Door Distribution which generate flat owner on property transaction, BUY / SELL / RENT / INVEST.

Distribute flyers at mall is another place as there are plenty of people to dispose your leaflet easier. Condo Distribution or Landed Distribution is another method of distribution.

Refine your marketing costs, effort to reach audience and return on investment. Important is to understand what your target audience requirement. Go Small in terms of flyer size and printing quantities for a try first. Look for the low cost printing services company yet provide reliable flyer distributor with quality printing material. No waste by printing flyers and leaflet and clog up in your home or office space for month collecting dust.

All these criterions guide is for your understanding and hope it helped you in some form. Contact 6999 if need further advice on design, print and distribution.

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