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Prints Singapore, Print Service: Will Print Marketing Thrive in 2016 and Beyond?

Print Singapore or Smart Technology keep improving from Years 1990 till now. From Fax Machine to send message to overseas using long distance expensive call charge to instant message sending by WhatsApp for free etc. It changes the way we manage business operation, even nowadays people using digital technology for their marketing campaign, such as Facebook, google pay per click, SMS marketing or email marketing. With such a trends, the printing industrial is far seemed as a dead business. Many of our trade pioneer have considered Prints Singapore, Print Service is a sunset business. Will it thrive in 2016 or beyond?

In fact, from our point of view, printing services business will continue to develop with the upsurge of new technology. What need to be done is lower operation cost and market the flyer printing rate lower to individual or small business owner to target the old fashion method of marketing. In fact, flyer printing and flyer distribution is still an effective tool for delivering information to mass audience.

QR Codes and NFC

Make use of technology such as QR Codes or NFC in your flyer printing material. Many people now have smartphone or tablet and it will continue to grow together with print media. Let client scan the QR Code to visit your website for more information. It is only way to advertise your Web presence via print flyers and without them to type the long URL to see the web site information. Hopefully with the help of QR codes and NFC technology, it can make it possible for your printed flyer directly connect customers to view your company website.

Many individual and business are competing using online marketing for capture their audience's attention or market share, which can eventually make it harder to stand out in the crowd. This is the reason why we prefer not to use online marketing but instead using the print marketing methods to beg the different market.

In order to survive in this tough market situation, we need to develop an effective print strategy. Focus on our 6999 brand, provide cheapest flyer printing rate to excite consumers, valued added services such as flyers distribution, creative design.

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