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About Us

6999 is one of the Singapore’s youngest but determined to be one-stop professional providers for high quality printing services and reliable flyer distribution serving both individuals and businesses.

Although we are new, it doesn’t mean we’re inexperienced – in actual fact, the business was spun off from our parent company which has been in the printing and distribution industry for over 25 years.

Being the leading and one of the longest standing printing and distribution provider in Singapore, we have learned and have repeatedly improved our services in order to meet the ever-changing demands of the new Internet era. Online ordering and next day collection requests from our clients suggest that we have to innovate our workflow, speed, and pricing to be affordable for the retail , corporate markets and individual needs which is why we setup production plant in Malaysia.

Our focus is to establish good relationships with valued customers and that’s why our priority is to respond to enquiries and orders as soon as possible. Printed Material can be delivered to your office or home with lead time of 01 work day to 06 work days depending on your budget and specs. We can even arrange Flyer Distribution in a shorter period.

We strongly believe to provide Express Quality Printing with the Cheapest Prices and arrange reliable flyer distributors for your marketing campaign service which plays a vital role to our client’s marketing plan. We make effort for ground operations to ensure customers utmost satisfaction and take pride in our business model which stress on excellent customer service for flyer printing

6999 aim to be one of the Singapore’s most trusted one-stop printing service provider and flyer distribution provider offering exceptional printing and distribution experience.  

Flyer Printing Motto

1) Best Quality Printing With Cheapest Prices

Direct Factory Price. Printed in SIngapore & Malaysia to ensure high quality printing for flyers, leaflets, pamphlets, brochures, postcards.

2) One Of the Lowest Pricing in Singapore

Power Up Your Sales by printing flyers, leaflets, pamphlets, brochures, postcards with distribution services. Low price and Low quantity available !

3) 1 to 6 Work Days Delivery Lead Time

We acknowledge that time is money and that is why we delivery your order in 1 to 6 work days upon confirmation depending on which package selected.

Flyer Distribution Motto

Years Of experience in this business is your advantage. With our FULL TIME DISTRIBUTION TEAM, ensure that you obtain speedy island-wide flyer distribution. ​Our major distribution services are landed Flyer distribution services, HDB door to door flyer distribution service, Condo distribution via Singapore post and car drop flyer distribution services with as much as 100,000 copies of flyers/leaflets per day.