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Business Marketing Campaign In Singapore Using Flyers Printing & Flyer Distribution.

Flyer Design


The most popular size is A5 flyer format (148mm x 210mm) as it is awesome format, easy to carry and important cheap flyer printing prices. Creative captivating headline to make it powerful so it attractive viewer more easily. Flyers Colour and Font Size always matter as must be of standard for easy reading. Make a cutoff voucher as invitation for viewer to call or to keep flyer for future usage. Provide lowest promotion rate, contact number and address.


Flyer Printing


Google around to find the cheapest flyer printing provider but using the cheapest the printing price, the longer the lead time as most provider printer in Malaysia and transport to Singapore. Not advisable if your need quick flyer printing for trade fair etc. Flyers Printing, Brochures Printing, Leaflet Printing or Postcard Printing consist of different paper material. From 70Gsm Woodfree paper to 128Gsm Gloss Artpaper or even 260Gsm Artcard to create more impact feel. Using Digital Printing for Express Print which can delivery within 24 Hour notice but likewise costing will be higher compare to offset printing.


Flyer Distribution


These are some simple guide but effective flyer distribution. Consider carefully your target audience before engaging flyers distributors. Right Method Plus Right Timing Equal to successful marketing campaign. No waste money and time to get those one man show flyer distributor who provide low cost flyer distribution services and end of day just throw your stack of flyers to rubbish bin.


Type of distribution methods:

  • HDB Door to door distribution.

Your effort will pay off using this method as it is to every household. Use it if the products and services you are offering are targeting or beneficial to the household family people. Be it is Tampines or Boon Lay, Rest assured that your potential customers will be calling you soon.

  • HDB Letter box distribution

Insert the flyers into the HDB mailbox or letter box. This will assure you that the flyers will reach the potential house owner. Letterbox distribution is one of the most rapid and budget way of distribution.

  • Newspaper insertion and Magazine insert

Insertion the flyers into the magazines or newspapers is another good method to send your advertising material out.

  • Receipts Book or Clip in receipt

Clip the flyer in receipt to buyers so they know the promo or some advertise their service in the receipt book methods.

  • Street Distribution

Flyers or Brochures can be distributed to people in busy street whereas they are nearest to you

  • Condo Distribution

Condominium letterbox distribution is a good way of marketing your products and service for business. Your materials are delivered to the mailbox by Sing Post to every selected location in your preferred area.

  • Landed Property Distribution

Landed Property letterbox distribution is a target of different specs of client. Your flyer or brochure are delivered to the mailbox either by Sing Post or our reliable distributor to every selected location in your preferred area.


There are so many ways to distribute the flyers or brochures, but importantly you have to be real strategic in this to prevent wastage of money, time, and effort. Consider using a5 brochures to create impact for marketing.